We are hosts of this wonderful planet earth.

Taking care of it is an honor and a great responsibility. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of the planet actively and tangibly through 5 basic pillars:

Your Experience
Health & wellbeing
Business Management
Care for

Terra Explorer's day to day actions

Responsible Management

We offset our annual water and carbon footprint through an organization called Regenera Peru. We purchase environmentally responsible and locally sourced products, recycle, reuse, avoid the use of plastics, and we digitize most administrative documents.

Experiences that impact

We contribute positively to the economy by visiting local weavers, ceramists, musicians, farmers, and other important guardians of our ancient legacy.

We are one with nature

We use solar panels and green technologies, manage waste responsibly, and choose suppliers with a strong environmental commitment, leaving a positive footprint after our explorations.


Together with HOSEG, an outdoors clothing brand, we help children that live in vulnerable communities at altitudes higher than 3,000 masl stay warm. In addition, we actively collaborate in reforestation and river cleaning campaigns.

Huaypo Project

For more than 15 years, we have been paddling the waters of Huaypo lagoon and sharing with different travelers the magic that this unique place transmits. During this time, we have identified certain deficiencies. Determined to help protect and preserve this special place, we launched this important project.

The Huaypo Lagoon belongs to the village of San Jose, which together with 8 other sectors make up the community of Huaypo Grande, in the district of Chinchero, department of Cusco, Peru.

Our Project & Mission

As a result of an investigation that also involved interviewing the teachers of the local school, as well as the members and directors of the community, two major projects have emerged, focused on education and sustainable tourism.

Happy School: Educational Project
With our Feet in Huaypo: Sustainable tourism

Everyone who travels with Terra Explorer contributes to the HUAYPO project, however, there is also the possibility to make your own contribution directly, as you feel compeled to help support us in our project.

Trips that give back

By traveling with Terra Explorer, you are contributing to a sustainable initiative.

We have chosen and partnered with six NGOs aligned with our values. All are accessible and yet small, as we aim to make contributions that will result in a meaningful impact.

We are covering the primary needs of our region: reforestation, wildlife, river protection, health, education, and cultural preservation.

After your trip, we will share a certificate of appreciation and send you regular updates on how your contribution has impacted the project.

Non-Profit Organizations

Take it to another level, donate now

You can also raise their contribution by donating directly to any of these projects.

You can even create a network among your contacts and become a support channel.

Our Impact in Numbers

More than 200 animals were saved and released"
6867 adopted trees"
10,000 people made aware of the impact of dams"

2030 Vision

Huaypo Project aims to accomplish all the initiatives we have designed for the school and we dream that Huaypo will become an exemplary community in terms of tourism integration and care for the environment.

Amazon Shelter expects to decrease animal trafficking through education, as well as release more than 200 animals that are currently in their shelter.

Conservamos por Naturaleza envisions planting more than 10,000 trees in Peruvian territory in the future, as well as reaching 2030 with the joy of seeing the waters of the Marañón River flowing freely and without dams.

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