Huaypo is a place of impressive natural beauty. Its inhabitants maintain the traditions and culture of the Andes – two very special attributes in which the community wishes to participate in through tourism.


“With our feet in Huaypo” is a project designed by Terra Explorer, external consultants, and Huaypo’s board. The mutual goal is that the community develop and manage tourism growth in a sustainable way, preserving the natural features of the place, biodiversity and revaluing the cultural traditions of its people.

There for you
Piero Vellutino, founder of Terra Explorer, together with other collaborators, will give talks on sustainable tourism development and personally assist in the development of various community projects.
Facing the adventure
Young people from the community interested in learning more about tourism will have the opportunity to receive training and internships with the Terra Explorer team. Working in adventure tourism exposes them to diverse interests, such as the development of tourism programs, the possibility of becoming future adventure guides, and even getting into the world of outdoor cooking.
Birds of Huaypo, interpretation center
Thanks to the study of a biologist led by Terra Explorer a few years ago, we were able to identify more than 30 species of endemic birds and other migratory birds. This project aims to expand this research and build a small interpretation center where visitors can learn more about the bird species that inhabit the lagoon. It also includes the acquisition of a telescope that can be placed on the dock to facilitate observation by locals and visitors.
Casitas Huaypo
Some inhabitants of Huaypo stand out for being master weavers, an ancestral art well known here in the Andes, and others, for keeping alive the traditions of agriculture and planting native foods. With this project, we want to invite tourists to witness life of the people of Huaypo and thus, bring them closer in an authentic and genuine way to their ancient culture.

Everyone who travels with Terra Explorer contributes to the HUAYPO project, however, there is also the possibility to make your own contribution directly, as you feel compeled to help support us in our project.