Who we are today

We are proud to be one of the most distinguished luxury and adventure travel outfitters in Peru, proudly maintaining since the beginning our vision of immersing you in the essence of our country in an ethical and authentic way.


Through epic outdoor experiences, we can take you to the deepest canyons in the world, to the highest mountain peaks, and to the most pristine stretches of natural reserves in the heart of the Amazon. Whether it is flying by helicopter, paddling, mountain biking, or simply walking, we aim to connect you with the breathtaking beauty of these remote spaces.


We seek to connect your passions with those of renowned local figures: historians, anthropologists, conservationists, chefs, and artists, will take you personally through history, art, gastronomy, dance, music and fashion. You will discover first-hand, according to your interests and needs, the true culture of Peru.


That initial adventure has transformed over time into 6 ways to inspire, to teach, and to excite you with the magic of our country, establishing a connection with its nature, people, and history, and most importantly, with yourself.

How it all started

More than fifteen years ago, we (Piero, an inherent explorer, and Patty, a journalist eager to discover the history of the Andes’ ancient communities), pursued our common interests and merged our passions with our love for excellent service and details to create Terra Explorer.


During those times, we traveled together throughout Peru, crossed America by land from north to south, and explored Patagonia, Asia, and Africa’s magical corners.


Our passionate travelers’ souls and the best of these experiences inspired our vision of bringing our guests closer to an authentic luxury experience, combining our passion for details and service with giving our guests access to unique and out of the ordinary experiences.

Meet our


As human beings, we are hosts of this wonderful planet, not guests. Caring for it is an honor and a great responsibility.


Our mission is to act in balance with today’s necessities and the continuity of Peru’s resources and ancestral traditions.


In addition to an effort to minimize impact, we seek to leave a responsible footprint with actions that contribute to the care of the environment and contribute to the social development of the places we visit.

Nature, our home

At Terra Explorer, as explorers and adventure operators, we consider nature our workplace, our second home, a space where we have fun, connect, and inspire.


We manage waste responsibly, use solar equipment and eco-friendly technologies for each expedition, and choose suppliers with a profound commitment to the environment.


In partnership with REGENERA, we offset our annual water and carbon footprint.

Social responsibility

Over the years, we have cultivated good relationships with members of many communities in the Andes, and with many of them, we work in the field during our adventure experiences. We are committed to their welfare through fair pay, health insurance, and by giving them the opportunity and means for continuous training.


In a country with millenary traditions such as Peru, preserving our heritage and culture is a great responsibility. We are proud and happy to work with master weavers, ceramists, healers, shamans, and agricultural projects that promote organic planting, research, and enhance the value of native produce.

Terra Explorer Project: Huaypo

Although we contribute to different projects, we have always wanted to create one that positively impacts the community of San José, in Huaypo Grande, Cusco.


Here lies our refuge, a natural space located on the shores of a remote lagoon in the heart of the Andes. It is home to migratory birds, snow-capped mountains, and the San José community’s crop fields.


In 2021 we will have initiated the actions for implementing the project, which will be focused mainly on education. Our main objective will be the improvement of the local school and the introduction of environmental teachings aimed at local children, the future guardians of this paradise.

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