Children are the future guardians of this paradise, which is why we are so enthusiastic about education.

In the “Juan Velazco Alvarado” school, which educates more than 200 children of the community, there are a number of material deficiencies and others related to academic content mainly linked to the care of the environment.

We have focused our efforts on contributing to the improvement of both aspects by creating the following campaigns.

Learning together
Thanks to the collaboration of various specialists in conservation, biodiversity and environmental sustainability, we bring talks on these topics to the school classrooms, where parents are also invited to participate. In this way, we help them get to know and connect more with the natural environment that surrounds them and provide them with tools to contribute to its care and preservation.
A Library for all
The school has a library that´s in need of more books, a projector and some computers that can be successfully connected to the internet to contribute to a favorable space for study, research, discovery and reading. Thanks to donations, little by little, we are achieving these goals.
Children's Earth
The Association for Children and the Environment (ANIA) seek to promote love for mother earth in children, through the care of a piece of land. Its mission is to empower children and youth as agents of change from their home, educational institution, neighborhood and/or community. The Huaypo school has a space intended to function as a garden, however it´s been totally abandoned. Our mission is to activate this space and turn it into the land of the children, putting into practice the concepts and ideology of ANIA.
Eco Zone
Within the school, we want to build a space where we can classify waste, ensuring that garbage reaches the corresponding recycling areas. Then, we plan to expand these "Eco Zones" to different areas of the community.

Everyone who travels with Terra Explorer contributes to the HUAYPO project, however, there is also the possibility to make your own contribution directly, as you feel compeled to help support us in our project.

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