Peru, the best destination for bird watching

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December 17, 2020

Peru is mainly known for having Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. However, it is much more than the home of the popular navel of the world. The coast, highland, and jungle also offer incredible destinations for all adventure lovers and those looking for a different luxury adventure.

For example, did you know that our country is considered a paradise for bird watching? One of the main reasons is that we have about 218 natural areas, which represent 17% of the national territory.

Then, we invite you to discover why Peru is one of the best places for bird watching. In addition, you will know one of the ideal places to put into practice this activity.

What is bird watching?

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It consists of observing and studying the appearance and sharing of birds in their natural habitat. For many, it is a hobby, while for others, it has become a sport that has gained much popularity in recent years. 

Nowadays, thanks to the use of binoculars and telescopes, it is possible to observe and study all types of birds without hurting or invading their home.

Why bet on Peru as a destination for bird watching?

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It is the best place in the world to discover an incredible variety of habitats and species.

59% of the territory of Peru is made up of Amazonian forests so it is not a surprise that it has become home to more than 1800 species of birds, many more than you can find, even bringing together all of North America and Europe.

In addition, 106 of these species are endemic, so you will not find them anywhere else in the world. Our country is not only the second most mega-diverse, but it concentrates 70% of the planet’s biological diversity. And best of all, there is still the possibility of discovering new species, especially in relatively inaccessible areas.

A single trip will not be enough to discover the wonders that our country has to offer you!

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The birds of Peru

If you decide to enjoy bird watching, you can witness the unique diversity of Peru. From exotic hummingbirds, cotingas, anteaters to macaws, and mixed flocks, among many other species.

More than 400 birds in Peru have subspecies, and in recent years two new species have been discovered per year on average, more than anywhere in the world. 

The largest bird in the world, the Condor, is found in our country, as well as the second smallest, the short-tailed star.

We are sure that at least once in your life, you will want to have the opportunity to observe them!

Tips for bird watching

This type of adventure is a great alternative for everyone who wants to know and enjoy Peru in a different way. But like any activity, there are specific measures that you can implement to make your trip a one of a kind experience:

  • – Take a safe distance, do not invade the space of the birds.
  • – Stay hydrated, carry plenty of water.
  • – Do not forget the repellent and sunblock.
  • – Buy the right shoes and clothes (don’t wear bright colors).
  • – Remember that you are a guest, help protect the natural habitat of birds.
  • – Use the technology in your favor, download maps of the place where you are in case you leave the group.
  • – Avoid making noise. This will help you listen and identify a higher number of birds.

What does Terra Explorer offer you?

bird watching

Kayak and bird watching

In Terra Explorer, we offer you an incredible adventure in Huaypo, a beautiful lagoon located in the heights of the Andes, which provides water to the surrounding communities and their crops.

This lagoon is home to a wide variety of migratory birds. Its deep blue water reflects an impressive view of the hills, mountains, and the surrounding nature. With the use of binoculars, you can pass through the lake and identify various species for their song and plumage.

For an hour and a half, you will tour the lagoon in kayaks. It is a trip that will allow you to appreciate the nature of the area in all its dimensions. After the adventure, you can enjoy a delicious picnic, made by a private chef, in front of this beautiful landscape.

Now that you know why Peru is a great destination for bird watching, are you ready to live an incredible adventure? In Terra Explorer, we have several itineraries for you, get in touch with us, and we will help you design the trip of your dreams!

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