Aren’t travel agencies dead? Not if you’re looking for ungoogleable experiences

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March 25, 2022

With the likes of DIY-travel-prophets Airbnb and sneaking into everyone’s holiday planning, travel agencies seem to have virtually vanished. Voyage inspiration now comes from Instagram accounts and not from a visit to your nearest travel consultant. And yet, here we are at Terra Explorer, a luxury travel agency in Peru, alive and kicking, against all odds.

You see, the truth is that travel agencies have moved on to another sphere of vacationing, one not so, um, googleable (to pin a word on it). Travel counselors now have to dig deeper into their destinations to lure their now-informed clients with more exclusive and well-thought-of experiences—dissimilar to the assortment on the first page of search results.

But let’s get to the point: there’s nothing like traveling with professionals! They make it possible to enjoy an unforgettable and stress-free experience. Still not convinced? If so, check out this article! Here are 5 reasons to book your next holiday under the guidance of a travel expert.

1. You’ll have access to otherwise unobtainable locations

Picture this: you’re enjoying a fine dinner among ancient Inca artifacts, a dazzling cruise through the Amazon tributaries, or the most extensive private collection of supercars readily available for just you and your party… Sounds nice, right? Well, that’s what might be in store when letting travel agents into your life.

Over years —even decades— travel professionals have curated a selection of locales, activities, and connoisseurs only they can grant you access to. This takes us to our next point.

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2. Travel consultants have built a network of specialists

Travel does not look the same for everybody. Some are more inclined to spend their finite time away from home, soaking in the great outdoors and connecting with nature. 

More adventurous people favor meticulous expeditions amongst museum walls, while some others would instead go on to clink glasses with the locals. What’s more, not even the outdoor-adoring can settle on the same activities.

Let’s suppose you are serious about certain hobbies; you’d probably like to explore their local iterations and meet the geniuses propelling your activities of interest to new heights in foreign lands. To find these prodigies might prove to be impossible while on your two-week trip. Let alone have them lead you through their areas of expertise.

That’s when the savior-fare of travel planners seems necessary. They will, without a doubt, have at hand experts on all branches of knowledge and pleasure. After all, you’re not the first one to have a hobby or a tailor-made vacation.

3. Not even snack breaks will feel like mundane tasks

Let’s be honest, when we travel, time is precious. That’s why many people choose to go to the nearest bodega to grab a perfectly packaged granola bar to alleviate hunger and get on with their itinerary. 

But why conform to Pepsico and Nestle when you can spend that time and money on some quick bites that gather the best ingredients and gastronomic traditions from newer vicinities.

Ask your travel consultant for recommendations on the best local snacks and give them a try. Who knows? You might want to take a couple back home with you!

4. You’ll get to try street food from the safest and best vendors

Authenticity is, at this point, a ubiquitous request from every traveler. The days of bus touring and the buzziest tourist attractions are far behind us. We all want to experience the local scene as any other dweller. 

And one of the best ways to do so is by venturing into the uncharted in a hunt for scrumptious street food. But, as you might have guessed (or worse, experienced), it is like playing Russian roulette with one’s guts.

That’s why having a local—whose actual job is to chaperone curious taste buds like yours— is the only way to avoid any unwanted stops at the lavatory. Plus, you get straight to the most exquisite street delicacies. There simply are no losers.

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5. Travel agents will help you navigate unpredictable situations

The pandemic has evinced two things: how unpredictable things can get and how you don’t want to be miles away from home when those things do occur. And so, whether it is a mild cold, a truck driver’s protest blocking bridges, or a broken bone, it pays to have a team avidly alert and prompt to solve any hindrance.

Now you have a handful of reasons to google for expert travel counselors instead of the top-ten-things-to-do lists. We assure you that this way you’ll get to enjoy your next trip like never before!

If you’re planning on visiting Peru anytime soon, then look no further. We’re the experts blending luxurious adventures and unique cultural outings, all attuned to your tastes and inclinations. Contact us and receive a quick response from our travel designers experts. Let’s craft together the most memorable personalized trip!

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