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It has been fifteen years of hard work, dedicated to exploring Peru, its impressive natural spaces and fascinating ancient culture, continuously innovating in the details and quality of our service. Today we are proud to offer truly unique trips operated in an ethical and sustainable manner. 

Piero & Patty

What defines us?

Specialists who love what they do

As local experts, we have been there, seen it, and done it.

Authentic experiences

It is our mission to make you feel part of a place and not just a spectator.

Customized experiences

We design a trip for you. Just as we are all different, there are no two trips alike.

Luxury: A passion for the essential and details

We offer attention to exquisite details, the pleasure of traveling without haste, and the ability to go off the script. We believe in the enjoyment of the essential.

Sustainable practices

We generate a positive impact on the spaces we visit. Taking care of our world and legacy is an honor rather than a duty.

Safety & outdoor technology

We work with certified guides, the latest high-tech equipment, and satellite communication to guarantee your safety every step of the way.


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