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December 15, 2020

Have you ever imagined being part of one of the most extravagant expeditions on the planet, navigating in white water rafts the unexplored areas of the Bahuaja Sonene nature reserve in the Amazon of Peru? 

Have you ever thought of visiting Machu Picchu alongside a renowned anthropologist who will share with you the most fascinating theories about this sanctuary? These are examples of unique adventures that you will only have the chance to experience if taking a luxury vacations.

If you are interested in getting to know more about this way of traveling and why you should be part of this growing trend, in Terra Explorer, we invite you to try our luxury travel destinations in Peru.

What is luxury travel for Terra Explorer?

exploring the world

Luxury travel is a unique, exclusive, and very different way of exploring the world. It focuses on the most demanding traveler’s interests rather than the destination itself.

Whether you are traveling in a private jet, taking a helicopter ride through the Sacred Valley’s most iconic sites, riding Stand Up Paddles or kayaks in Andean lagoons, or descending the waters of the Colca and Cotahuasi rivers in white water rafts.

You will explore areas of impressive natural beauty and communities located in the heart of the Andes mountains in a truly unique way.

What is a traveler looking for in a luxury vacation?

Terra Explorer designs its experiences based on current and ongoing trends related to specific traveler’s interests that are seeking luxury adventure travel. At the same time, when creating our trips, we always take into account our core values:

  • Exclusivity
  • Tailor-made
  • Contribution to local economies
  • Authenticity
  • Environmental and social commitment
  • Comfort
  • Variety and versatility

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What do we offer you in Terra Explorer?

At Terra Explorer, we want to give you the most memorable luxury vacations. This is why our itineraries have the following essential features:

Bespoke travel

tailor-made luxury adventures

We design tailor-made luxury adventures, being able to personalize every trip is a must on our trip planning process. Our travelers seek a combination of entertainment, relaxation, adventure, and luxury. They look forward to living unique moments and prefer flexible itineraries during their visit to the best destinations in Peru and the world.

Tell us your expectations and what you love to do while traveling, and we will create a journey specially designed for you. Our team is keen to hear your ideas, and together, we will plan your dream trip.

A team of local experts

In each of our designed luxury experiences, our local expert’s crew will help you discover the true essence of Peru. From renowned wildlife conservationists, professional musicians to local shamans and artisans, they will make sure you explore in a fun and unique way the lesser-known corners of Peru’s most popular destinations.

The latest in equipment and technology

luxury adventure trips

As Piero Vellutino, our founder, says: “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad gear,” and that is why in Terra Explorer we have the latest technology in high mountain equipment, which allows us to design luxury adventure trips knowing that our travelers will always be comfortable, no matter where we take them.

For our adventure experiences, we use the same Mountain Hardware tents used in the Everest base camps, which can have a 10 °C difference between external and internal temperatures. Our tents, outdoor bathrooms, and showers are so comfortable, you have nothing to envy to a high-class hotel. 

A very well-equipped kitchen tent is a fundamental part of our expeditions, always led by one of our outstanding local chefs. We use specialized mountain bikes for our biking trips, with ring 29, double suspension, and disc brakes. 

Our kayaks are built for long journeys, they are the same used to cross lakes and oceans on expeditions that last several days. The stability of this boat provides a lot of comfort and safety to our travelers!

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High safety protocols

High safety protocols

The comfort and safety of each of our travelers is the most important thing for us. This is why our trips have thorough security protocols. We always carry with us satellite phones and an Inreach system, which allows us to always be in contact with our guides and travelers in the outdoors.

Additionally, our guide staff has international first aid certifications such as Wilderness First Aid. Piero Vellutino, our founder, is one of the few instructors on Swift Water Rescue in South America, specialized in rescue in white or moving waters.

Now that you know what luxury travel is, would you try it out? In Terra Explorer, we have several itineraries for you, get in touch with us, and we will help you design the trip of your dreams.

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