The best way to take in the Sacred Valley? From a kayak

Terra Explorer
October 27, 2021

The prevailing emotion you get when faced with the beyond-scenic spectacles of Peru? Utter slack-jawed awe. Once one is out on the road, surrounded by the Andean mountain range, it seems to be that the reparative properties of the South-American outdoors inevitably surge. More so, you see, if one is over the glittering waters of the Huaypo lake—one of Terra Explorer’s favorite destinations. 

Though Lake Titicaca has become a full-on marquee-name—well deserved, hence it is the highest navigable lake on Earth—Huaypo makes a case for itself over sweeping vistas which, in a way, seem to mimic Alpine terrains. The view: Snow-capped mountains in the distance, green mounts covered by feathery foliage nearing the lagoon, and winding paths slicing through eye-pleasing agricultural fields. If you were ever to use the word “bucolic,” this is when.

For the early birds—ok, even if you’re not a morning person this scenery will be worth the hassle of waking up before usual—the orange sunrise paints a chiaroscuro landscape which the serene waters and the accompanying environs seize upon. Golden ripples take over the lake as the sun timidly rises from within the silhouetting Andes. Depleted from any human commotion, chirping birds testify to the beginning of a new day. Heaven.

Note for the birdwatching aficionados: Huaypo is home to a multitude of both endemic and migratory birds. So don’t forget your binoculars, or hearing aids, if that’s the case. Distinguishing certain chirpings, tweetings, and plumages is necessary to take on this task.

But the highlight of the Huaypo experience comes after donning a life-vest and subsequently hopping onto a kayak—or paddleboard, even kiteboard. And although kayaking might seem like a too-tamed version of adventure tourism, the lack of adrenaline is shadowed by the excess of dopamine—the hormone of well-being. 

The not-so-challenging paddling along the lake is the perfect opportunity to venture into the waters for the tender kind of outdoor-adoring individuals—or, for the safety-concerned moms and dads chaperoning frolicking children on a family trip.


Parenting woes aside, this kayak destination near Cusco—less-than-a-hour drive away from the erstwhile Inca capital—is the perfect escapade from the Machu-Picchu-centric itinerary. Plus, although this far we’ve pointed out the obvious water-related activities, the paths off the shore and into the fields give way to the perfect biking track. Along these trails, the winds elicit waves upon the tops of the robust grasslands —a striking visual effect, indeed. 

At lunch, a lavish picnic featuring local delicacies is the way to go (trout ceviche is one of the dishes you have to try). That way one can have the rest of the vespertine hours to enjoy the Huaypo-adjacent landscapes carelessly. “Full belly, happy heart,” recites a simple yet truthful local proverb.

At night, glamping ensues under the shining Milky Way—in the southern hemisphere the skies point towards the center of our galaxy, showcasing ‘newer’ constellations when comparing them to a northerners’ point of view. The stars beam over the obscure; they, aside from a rustling fireplace, are the only sources of light. A dazzling vision to feast your eyes on. 

Interested in glamping? Click on the link to learn more.

If after reading this you’re as allured as we are by this idyllic place, contact us. We’re the experts when it comes to luxury holidays in Peru. Even more, we can create tailor-made itineraries featuring the best of the best—all of it attuned to your distinct way of traveling. From rafting over tumultuous rapids to motorcycle rides through picture-perfect locations, It is all up to you.

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