What Does Glamping in Peru Look Like?

Terra Explorer
August 6, 2021

Glamping has entered the luxury travel jargon in recent years with promises of paramount tailor-made experiences engulfed by untouched landscapes. But what does it actually look like? How much comfort can you expect in the middle of nowhere? Questions pop up, yet not many clear answers arise.


We decided to take on this nebulous subject head-on and embark ourselves on a tell-all account of what happens when glamping in Peru with Terra Explorer. An encounter with nature we call “The Thousand-Star Hotel” for multiple reasons beyond clear night skies.



A Bathroom With A Handmade Baroque Vanity


A handcrafted baroque vanity nested within your private bathroom—adorned with the scent of dozens of flowers—will be there for you to use whenever you like. 


To anyone familiar with art history, baroque is synonymous with opulent artisan masterpieces. It happens to be that Perú was the epicenter of this detail-obsessed craft in Latin America during colonial times, a tradition that has been continued to this day by skilled metal and woodworkers. Known as Escuela Cusqueña, this local approach to baroque is one of many cultural attractions in reach. Next on that list: a display of the best food in Peru.


Private chefs deliver fine dining under the stars



It wouldn’t be fine dining without private chefs, would it? Increasingly, Peruvian cuisine has gained applause for being one of the most diverse delicious cooking traditions out there. Most famous for its savory dishes with indigenous, Chinese, African, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian influence—what a long list that is—; these goodies present an eclectic yet mouthwatering mix of local and imported ingredients. 


Food nationalism aside, sometimes, it is better to pick and choose how we want to eat. Private cooks will accompany you on your trip to provide customized local culinary experiences facing the serene urban-opposed scenery.



A Massage Room 


The whole point of going on vacations—whether they are luxury vacations or not—is to relax. To get away (they are called getaways for a reason) from the everyday hassles. Nature has the ability to alleviate pent-up stress. With that in mind, a massage room is just a kin addition to the outdoor travel itinerary. Our masseurs will ease your muscles after hikes or excursions through the neighboring environs.


Wine & Spirits Tasting



Once work duties are turned aside, a little spoiling in liquid form seems necessary—even better if one’s surrounded with cloud-kissing mountains. Expert sommeliers will steer your tastebuds through Latin America’s best wines paired with a multiple-course meal designed to complement each other’s flavors. 


As for spirits, the Peruvian flagship drink is Pisco. A brandy-like liquor dating back to the 16th century made of distilled grapes, with a distinctively high alcoholic content. Along with citric fruits, light syrups, egg whites, and some Angostura Bitters; it makes Pisco Sour: a refreshing cocktail with a cult-like fandom of locals and foreigners alike. 



Unveil New Constellations At The Southern Hemisphere 


Do you call yourself an outdoor adventure aficionado? Then stargazing is something you’re familiar with. But if you’ve been doing it only from the northern hemisphere, you only know half of the story. 


The southern night view of the sky is completely different from the north. Not only does it all seem upside down—from a northerner perspective at least—; but unlike the ‘upper’ side of the world, the view is directed towards the bright center of the Milky Way. This means a denser, fresher sight of astronomical objects (right from the camping site).


Given this multitude of sparkles at nighttime, ancient Sacred Valley inhabitants turned to both clusters of stars and empty spots for constellations. Known as yana puyu (dark clouds), these dark constellations represented—to the eyes of the ancient Peruvians—a shepherd, a llama and its baby, a serpent, a toad, and a fox. 


Customized Outdoor Adventures


Glamping isn’t all about staying content within a flashy campsite. Nature exploration—be it in aquamarine beaches, tropical jungle, or snowy peaks— is a huge part of it too. We all have proclivities for certain outdoor activities: from paragliding to rafting or fishing. It is our job—Terra Explorer’s job, we mean—to design trips to your liking. We’ll provide you with the best team, tools, and equipment to practice or learn that outdoor hobby of yours. Rest assured, we won’t spare in doing so. 


Long story short: glamping is all of this, plus whatever you might want, really. Let’s get in touch to plan your next luxury holiday in Latin America.

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