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Terra Explorer
December 21, 2020

The renowned Borbon Magazine wrote an article about us, our luxury trips through Peru, and most importantly, about the Glamping we offer you. A different and special way to get to know Peru.

We share with you the article they wrote:

Terra Explorer invited us to learn more about their extraordinary work in Peru, and the spectacular exploration programs they carry out in Cusco, ideal for the highest level traveler.

Piero Vellutino is the founder of Terra Explorer, and along with his wife, Patricia Málaga, work tirelessly to manage that each of the adventure travels they organize, turn into an extraordinary adventure of great luxury, capable of captivate the travelers from all over the world.

As far as adventure concerns, Piero is the specialist. He has worked for many years as a whitewater rafting and trekking guide all over the world, and he is an outdoors lover. That’s why, it is not a surprise he has managed to turn the high Peruvian mountains into his office and headquarters, from which he designs new exploration routes.

“Terra Explorer is considered the only luxury touristic operator in Peru, that offers you the real Glamping experience”.

There’s no bad weather, just bad equipment

There is something in Piero always repeats, and he has learned in all his years of experience the importance of having good quality equipment. From that depends a significant part of all the travel experience, and that’s why, at least once a year he travels around the world gathering the newest adventure implements and bringing them to Peru.

Just to mention some, they work with Mountain Hardwear tents, the same that are used for Everest base camps; Specializad double suspension bikes, perfect for mountain biking; and lake kayaks which give you great stability, and allow you to enjoy the view around you.

Furthermore, as important as the equipment is the people, that’s why Terra Explorer only works with locals, who know the region very well and are constantly trained so they can fulfill the high demands of the travelers they receive. While safety is also number one priority, the GPS systems are always available to keep the group on route, as well as the presence of satellite phones for constant communication with the base camp.

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Glamping in Peru

We have spoken in our past editions about the new travel trend that is spreading fast among premium class travelers, mostly in exotic places like Africa and Asia. Basically, it is an ideal solution for those who seek to get the maximum camping experience with the sophistication and comfort of a luxury accommodation, “Glamour” and “Camping”.

In that order, in Peru, Terra Explorer is one of the best luxury tour operators capable of providing you with a real Glamping experience, thanks to its commitment with top class service and experience with VIP guests and different members of royal houses that has visited Cusco.

For starters, Glamping is usually reserved for couples and families, with very limited allocations for whom everything is carefully prepared. The privilege camping spot at shores of a wonderful lake, away from every traditional touristic crowd, where the suite tents are set up. From this point, you will enjoy some days of extraordinary activities. Some of them being kayaking, bird watching, mountain biking, and many more. And don’t forget the marvelous experience of sleeping under Cusco’s night sky, starred with millions of stars.

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What does Terra Explorer offer you?

These days, getting out of your home and traveling is daring to do so. That’s why we’ve come up with epic adventures close to home, so you can feel safe and get out into nature without worrying.

For example, Huaypo lagoon is such a magic place that will fill you with energy and happiness in an instant. It is the perfect family trip while everyone will be able to mountain bike, do stand-up paddle, lake kayaking, bird watching, and at night, you will enjoy a beautiful starred night from the luxury camping we will have prepared for you.

If something we mentioned before caught your attention, in Terra Explorer we can give a personalized itinerary. If you wish to know Peru in an authentic and spectacular way, get in touch with us, and we will help you design the trip of your dreams!

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