Beyond the Rainbow Mountain: The Red Valley

Terra Explorer
April 11, 2022

Here at Terra Explorer —a luxury travel agency in Peru, if you were wondering— know a thing or two about today’s voyagers. And one commonality about them is how they chart themselves to specific vacation destinations according to how well the vistas perform under a camera lens.

That is, without negating, of course, other aspects contributing to the election of certain places over the others. Things like weather, cuisine, the overall aura (feeling, if you have a particular dislike for the Angelino-esque wording), and accounts by friends and family. 

And so, among the myriad of camera-ready locales, Rainbow Mountain in Peru has skyrocketed into the social media ether. Legions of tourists armed with lenses have documented their odysseys to Vinicunca (this is the aboriginal name for this natural wonder). After all, the motley-colored mountain is the perfect background for an Instagram picture, vlog, and especially drone films. 

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joya discreta más impetuosa valle rojo

But right behind this now famed photographer’s hub, there is another more discrete but more powerful gem: The Red Valley. As the name succinctly states, it is a collection of reddish mountains. Strings of towering terracotta hills and peaks stun the eyes with an otherworldly aesthetic, one that seems ripped right out of Mars. The valley is a mere thirty-minute walk from Vinicunca. 

The views, though, are not trapped in just one direction. There are three-sixty scenic vistas. The valley itself covers hundreds of acres, and glaciers in the background make this what could be one of the most sublime places on the phase of Earth. 

The terracotta mountain sides are interrupted by green and yellow stripes. And one can simply walk over the color-changing pebbles blanketing the ground, which, at times, shift abruptly without any gradation. 

Most visitors conform to a visit a couple of hours long, primarily because of strained itineraries. If you are a more advanced trekker or alpinist, this is the perfect site for a two-day hike venturing through the Red Valley, The Rainbow Mountain, and the previously mentioned glaciers. 

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valle rojo no son hospitalarios durante todo año

The Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley are not welcoming all year round. It is wise to go during the dry season (April to October) to avoid snow, hail, and rain. And even if you are a snow fanatic, we’re sure you won’t be delighted to face Rainbow Mountain hiding behind inches of snow.

After all, this used to be all white. Just recently, as one rare “gift” from global warming, the once white-capped mountain became multicolored. As the ice turned to water, minerals trapped for millennia revealed a multitude of hues.

Now you know more about Rainbow Mountain and the neighboring Red Valley. Maybe add those two to your next adventure trip to Peru; we’ll be happy to take you on the perfect trek near Cusco through these impressive geological wonders with a superb crew of private chefs, porters, expert guides, and photographers. We’re the specialist when it comes to luxury adventure travel in Peru. Contact us.

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