Mountain biking, a different way to discover Peru

Terra Explorer
December 15, 2020

Have you ever imagined riding a bicycle, feeling the breeze of fresh and pure air on your face, and surrounded by some of the most pristine natural landscapes in the world? Thanks to mountain biking, this and much more becomes possible to experience.


In Terra Explorer, we would like for you to discover the incredible destinations of Peru through different and original ways. For this reason, we want to invite you to learn about mountain biking, an active and fun way to see our country.


How did it all start?



This sport originated in the ’70s in California. At the end of the decade, a large number of people who loved to travel by bicycle began using them to compete by descending hills in San Francisco and Marin counties.


The bicycles used at that time suffered a lot of breakdowns, so the authorities considered them very dangerous for practicing this type of adventure sport. However, interest had grown to unsuspected levels.


In the ’80s, bicycles had the necessary improvements done to offer better performance and safety, becoming the first mountain bikes to go out in the market. In 1996, mountain biking became an Olympic sport at the Atlanta Olympics.


What is mountain biking?



Mountain biking is an adventure sport that can be practiced in any rugged terrain. Although mountain routes are the most popular, cyclists also travel through deserts and national parks to vary their destinations and, some even ride their bikes crossing an entire country.


Mountain biking can be a fascinating sport for many adventure lovers, while for others, it becomes an excellent alternative for enjoying nature, especially if it is riding through landscapes as beautiful as those found in several locations in Cusco.


In the mountain biking tours offered in Terra Explorer, we put a lot of emphasis on truly enjoying the ride and creating fun trails. Our main objective is for everyone to be able to practice it without any trouble. You will be able to find different itineraries according to your level of expertise.


What are the benefits of practicing mountain biking?


Like all adventure sports, mountain biking offers you several benefits:

  • It helps you stay active
  •  Creates a more intimate connection with nature
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Your mood will improve drastically
  • Live a different experience to traditional tour packages
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Increases memory and ability to solve problems


Would you like to practice mountain biking for the first time?



If you are interested in venturing and performing this type of sport for the first time, we offer you some tips so you can practice it without accidents:


  • Know the route. If it is difficult for you to remember it, take a map with you and mark the way.
  • Use all the equipment that specialists recommend. Remember that they are the experts.
  • If it is the first time, consider starting at an easy level and gradually going to a more challenging level. Choose the simplest route first, once you’ve tried it a few times, you can try a more technical trail.
  • Avoid becoming dehydrated. Bring as much water as possible with you because, like any other sport, you need to stay hydrated.
  • Never take the tour on your own. If you choose one of the tour packages that we have designed in Terra Explorer, you will always have an expert by your side.


What do we offer you in Terra Explorer?



Mountain biking is also part of our adventure tours, and we offer several alternatives according to your level of expertise. If you would like to try it for the first time, we have a bicycle tour of only an hour and a half, while the most experienced can enjoy a trip of up to four hours by bicycle.




Ride our specialized mountain bikes through the area of Maras, one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Cusco Andes. The adventure begins at the village of Cruzpata, following an easy and short trail across the countryside to the town of Maras.


Thanks to the bike itineraries we have designed, you will have the opportunity to appreciate scenic Andean crop fields and spectacular views of snow-capped mountains such as Veronica and Chicon, as well as enjoying a hearty outdoor picnic.


The journey continues by car to Moray, an ancient archeological complex used for agricultural experimentation and composed of impressive circular terraces. We then visit the salt mines of Pichingoto, a stunning conglomerate of over three thousand terraces where salt has been stored from Inca times until today.


After the journey has ended, our private transport will take us back to our hotel.


Remember, depending on your preferences and riding skills; the ride can be extended and adjusted to your needs.


Now that you know more about mountain biking, would you like to try it out? In Terra Explorer, we have several itineraries for you. If you want to be part of our adventures and know Peru in an authentic and spectacular way, get in touch with us, and we will help you design the trip of your dreams!

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