Letter from the founders

Terra Explorer
August 25, 2021

Over fifteen years ago Piero, an innate explorer, and I, a journalist fascinated by the culture of the Andes, launched Terra Explorer with the sole purpose of immersing you, ethically and authentically, into the essence of Peru. 


Proudly, we’ve become one of the most acclaimed luxury and adventure travel design agencies in our country, understanding luxury as the highest quality of service but also as the access to unparalleled and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. 



We want to tell you about the exciting project that kept us motivated and busy for more than a year. Today, we invite you to discover Peru in an even more fascinating way, through new and extraordinary trips in line with the evolutionary leap we as humanity have made—as we have lived through circumstances that have reassessed the value of many things in the world.  


Terra Explorer has always encouraged you to explore, uniquely and genuinely, both the nature and the essence of our millenary nation. Thanks to an utterly enriching process, we have now added more than 50 new ways to inspire and connect you with Peru, and most importantly, with yourself. 


We’ll bring you closer to our impressive landscapes through fascinating adventures in a destination where the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon jungle are divided from north to south by the Andean Mountain range. 



Authentic experiences will introduce you to our traditions, guided by those who keep them alive and latent. Along with renowned and pioneering characters, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in history, art, gastronomy, folklore, among other reflections of our culture. 


These new spaces will allow you to voice your own identity, connect with local perspectives, and join our tireless drive to witness distant realities up close;  while positively influencing each place and community that we have the honor of exploring together.  



As custom travel designers and local experts, this is just the starting point. Let’s dream together about Peru and other fascinating corners of South America. 



Welcome to a world where travel has purpose, soul, ethics, luxury, and style! 


Piero & Patty

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