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Seven Day Itinerary


Day 1: Lima

A representative of Terra Explorer Perú will welcome you at the Lima airport and will provide the necessary assistance for registering at the Hotel Ramada del Sol, located within the same airport, and will explain the details of the departure the next day. It is recommended that you take a flight to Cusco after 10 a.m. in order to rest sufficiently after a long international flight. Generally, the international flights arrive in Lima after 6 p.m. and connections to Cusco are available until 4 p.m.

Hotel: Ramada Costa del Sol; Meals: not included


Day 2: Lima-Cusco

Today we go to the city of Cusco, which is a one-hour flight from the city of Lima. In the Cusco airport you will be met by our guide and transported to your hotel. We will meet to share a welcome lunch and to present an orientation for our adventure in Perú! We will have a relaxing afternoon in order to acclimatize ourselves to the 3,400 meters (11,00 feet) mountains in which is situated the city of Cusco. We will visit the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, and the San Blas neighborhood, where the most famous artisans show their work. Alternatively we may also visit the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art (MAP).

Hotel: Casona Inkaterra; Meals: B


Day 3: Mountain Biking – Chinchero – Maras – Pichingoto

Today we will drive to Chinchero (40 min.), an extraordinary community where highly skilled weavers will be waiting to show us their ancient techniques of weaving and Andean design. After having had the opportunity to share and learn from the local people of this community, we will mount our bicycles to begin the trip through the high Andean plains of Cusco; along the way we will pass through different communities, the town of Maras, cultivated fields, and we will enjoy the spectacular view of snow-capped Verónica and Chicón. In order to take the greatest advantage of the nature surrounding us, a delicious, luxurious, outdoor picnic will be waiting in the middle of the journey. Then, following an old Inca Trail, we will continue to the salt mines at Maras, an impressive network of more than 3,000 terraces where salt has been collected from the time of the Inca Empire to today. Depending on how we feel, we can continue by a “single track” to Urubamba: the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Hotel: Río Sagrado; Meals: B+L


Day 4: Mountain Biking – Abra de Lares

Today we drive to our starting point (1 hour) to the top of the high pass of Lares (elev.: 4,490 meters -14,730 feet) and cruise all the way downhill to the town of Calca, on an old Inca trail.  Sections of this downhill route are surrounded by spectacular views of the Urubamba Mountain Range and along the way we will observe rural houses and a fair amount of the native Andean members of the camel family, such as llamas and alpacas. This is one of the best and most enjoyable sections of downhill cruise biking to be found anywhere in the Sacred Valley. A special lunch is going to be waiting for us at the privately owned Hacienda Huayoccari, with a history spanning over three centuries.  The mansion today houses a vast collection of folk art, with pieces dating back to the seventeenth century. After lunch, we will drive back to the hotel (15 min.) or you can ride your bike to the hotel.

Hotel: Río Sagrado; Meals: B+L


Day 5: Mountain Biking – Laguna de Huaypo – Moray – Pachar – Ollantaytambo

Today our adventure begins at Huaypo, half an hour away from our hotel. Huaypo is a beautiful lagoon perched on the heights of the Andes. Its waters supply communities and cultivated fields around the area and reflect the hills and mountains surrounding it. From here we will go cross country to Moray, where we will learn more about agriculture during the empire, visiting this ancient experimental and agricultural center. Then we will have a mellow downhill to the community of Pachar and then we will follow the Urubamba river to Ollantaytambo, known as the only Inca town still in existence, as the local people still maintain their costumes, live in the old stone houses of their ancestors, and use their original water channels, just as they did at the time of the Incas. We will visit one of the local families, to watch closely and learn more about how the ancient Peruvian lived in the Andes. After lunch we head to the station to board the train that will take us to the village of Machu Picchu, where we spend the night and rest to be ready for the next day’s exploration of the Inca Citadel.

Hotel: El Pueblo Inkaterra; Meals: B+D


Day 6: Machu Picchu

Today we visit very carefully the Machu Picchu citadel. Upon our arrival we will have a complete guided tour of the site and then free time to explore by ourselves. Optionally, you can climb to the top of Huayna Picchu, from where we can see a unique view of the citadel, from a different angle, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain peaks and the great canyon of Urubamba. In the afternoon, we take a bus to the town of Aguas Calientes to board the train that will take us back to Cusco.

Hotel: Casona Inkaterra; Meals: B;


Day 7: Cusco – Lima

Transfer from the hotel to the airport at Cusco City.

Meals: B



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