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Social and environmental commitment: We work to make your trip, as well as safe and fun, overall responsible and conscious. Terra Explorer Peru promote the welfare of communities we work with, choosing local suppliers with a strong commitment to the environment, organizing our logistics field to produce the least possible environmental impact, using solar products and recycling our waste after each outgoing. At the moment we are in a development process to accomplish the requirements of certain certifications. For this reason and in order to deliver this message, we created Terra Explorer Green. 

When travelling with us you are giving support to organizations that conserve natural resources, protect the flora and wildlife and contribute to the welfare of local communities.


Responsible Tourism: Our main goal is to travel to remote natural areas and preserve them, causing the least environmental and cultural impact, in order to enjoy, appreciate and study natural attractions (landscapes, flora and fauna) and cultural events. We also contribute to conservation efforts and the welfare of the communities which we work with.

Sustainable Tourism: Terra Explorer Peru is committed to provide direct support to community members of Quiswarani- Cusco and Taquile-Puno.


¿How do we give support to these communities?

  • For many communities in Peru, tourism has become an important part of their economic activity and development. We are committed to train and guide them, so that they can provide better service to their visitors.
  • Generally, these communities open the doors of their homes for tourists. Terra Explorer Peru gives financially support and help implement improvements in their own homes. These gives them better life conditions and in turn give more facilities for visitors. Projects are supervised from start to finish by our team.
  • We train individual members of the community to fulfill various functions within our travel logistics. They have been selected for their high responsibility, willingness to learn and succeed. Today, they make up much of our staff joining us to our various hiking routes, consolidating the Terra Explorer Peru team.
  • We lead volunteers to do work in these communities. These are experiences that enrich both the community and individuals seeking to support those who need it most.



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