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Each trip involves a great organization, from the itinerary planning to the implementation and supervision of every detail since the moment our travelers arrive to Peru. Everyone in our staff, those who work in our office, the tour guides and field staff, pull together a team of professionals committed to provide a high quality service and spectacular travel experiences, the seal of quality for which Terra Explorer Peru is known for.

Our Office:

Our indoor team has been selected for their excellent skills in the tourism industry and is always committed to provide impeccable service. From our headquarter at Cusco, we dedicate our time to create the most authentic journeys, unique and personalized to Peru. We do as much to show our passengers the best of our country.

Our guides:

Great guides guarantee great trips! They are the best in the field and are part of Terra Explorer Peru family. They outstand for their love to their country, great knowledge of the local culture, experience, passion for adventure and commitment to each trip they lead.


Piero: founder of Terra Explorer Peru, is the youngest of the Vellutino’s brothers, pioneers in rafting in Peru and been known for continuously dedicating their lives to adventure sports. He has worked as a guide in different countries of America, Europe, Asia and Africa and has take part of numerous expeditions and rafting first descents on different rivers around the world. In addition, he is a rescue instructor certified by Swift Water Rescue, to give courses to fireman, marines, policeman and guides in moving water rescues.Today he leads the operation and logistics of the adventure trips headed by Terra Explorer Peru.




Diego Ibañez: son of one of the pioneers of rafting in Peru, has experiences adventure since early years of his childhood. Today, he is one of the most experienced river, hiking and mountain biking guide of Peru. He has worked for several years as a guide in different countries of America, Africa and Asia. He is certified by Swift Water Rescue and Wilderness First Aid.




Santiago Ibáñez: like his brother Diego, is son of “Cholo Ibañez” pioneer of rafting in Peru. Time and experience have led him to participate in a bunch of river rafting expeditions around the world, especially in Peru and South America. He is an excellent hiking, biking and rafting guide, also certified by Swift Water Rescue and Wilderness First Aid.




Gabriel Gygax: was born in Arequipa, the famous “White City” located in the south of Peru. His passion for adventure has made him become one of the best Peruvian guides on mountain biking and hiking. Gabriel is also a professional fisherman and spends his free time exploring new rivers and lakes in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon for the practice and development of this sport.



Jairo Bocangel: was born in the city of Cusco, heart of the Inca Empire. His first language is Quechua, native language of the Andes, which contributes big time to his interaction and relationship with the local population. Jairo is known for his sense of humor, experience and knowledge of Peruvian flora, fauna, history and traditions. His love for the mountains led him to be one of the best guides for the Inca Trail and other alternative routes.




Leonardo Gonzales: from Cusco, gives us the possibility to explore remote corners of our country only like he can do it, after devoting his whole life to explore our landscape. Besides being a Biologist by profession, Leo is a guide and class V kayaker since 1998. He has lived, worked and traveled around South America and Africa, but his love for Peru brought him back again with us!



Zacarías de Ugarte: age 38, is one of the best guides in our crew, just like his father, another pioneer of adventures expeditions at Peru. He specializes in adventure and traditional tourism, but above all, he enjoys leading family journeys! He loves his country and it’s his delight to show its potential to the world.


Dalmiro Portillo: from Quillabamba, a city located in the northern jungle of Cusco, is one of the guides with the most years of experience trekking the Andes within our organization and Cusco. Besides being fluent in English, Dalmiro is also a native Quechua speaker, making him an invaluable translator and interpreter when we meet local communities. Dalmiro has undergone professional first-aid training courses. Terra Explorer Peru is very proud to have him as a part of our team. 


Our carriers:

They were born in the Andes and know the trek as the back of their hands. They represent a key factor and by far one of the most important elements for the operation of some routes, such as the famous Inca Trail. They are the ones responsible for moving the equipment of adventure and luggage of our passengers, making everything possible!
During our journeys we give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your carriers, learning about their people and traditions.  Come on! We will encourage you to share some coca leaves and even to sing some of their local songs. Terra Explorer Peru is committed to each one of them, so we provide good equipment to assure their safety in every step, a balance alimentation and a fair treat and pay.  Some of our carriers belong to communities to which Terra Explorer Peru provides direct support through their social projects.


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